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What does shilling mean in crypto ?

Shilling is a crypto slang that means promoting a cryptocurrency because you were paid or to encourage a pump and dump. A crypto pump and dump is a type of scam where individuals or groups deliberately inflate a cryptocurrency's price and demand by spreading false or misleading information to increase the price.

In this post, we explain what shilling is, how it works, the types of shills to look out for, and how to identify shilling.

What is shilling in crypto ?

Shilling is when a person or group promotes a particular cryptocurrency to create excitement, generate interest, and push people to buy/invest/trade it.

The aim of shilling is to create enough hype that leads to mass buying, which increases demand as well as the price of the cryptocurrency.

Typically, the creators or team behind the cryptocurrency collaborate with celebrities and social media influencers to reach potential traders faster and quicker.

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